Authentic Vac-Tron in Rose Valley, SK

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Vac-Tron Equipment

In 1997, Vac-Tron Equipment was created and took the environmental cleanup market by storm.

Vac-Tron offers a full line of industrial vacuums, potholing, daylighting, hydro-excavation, and air excavation equipment. Vac-Tron’s equipment can also be used for directional drill slurry removal, power pole setting, manhole clean-out, culvert clean-out, lateral and storm drain clean-out, industrial cleanup, waste cleanup, lift-station cleanup, oil spill cleanup, as well as other natural disaster cleanup applications. .

In 2000, Award-winning Vac-Tron Equipment was named the 13th fastest growing company in the country by Inc. Magazine, growing by more than 7000%. Vac-Tron was also named Industry and Business of the Year respectively by The Lake Sentinel and Lake County Economic Development Council in 2000. Today, Vac-Tron is growing further by continuing to help industries and governments see the benefits of vacuum excavation in safety and productivity for projects.

Its success is attributable to Vac-Tron’s commitment to build strength, safety, durability and one-of-a-kind features into all of the company’s products, and then to back them up with integrity and service.

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